Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It happens only in Dubai

Dubai has been amazing us with the kind of projects that have been successfully completed in this part of the world, these projects seem to be impossible when we hear about them but wait for a few years and you can actually see them in reality, Projects like Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah seemed to be impossible when they were announced but, hey! Today, I am at the Palm Jumeirah sipping coffee. Dubai's can do spirit has been brilliant and is ever growing, there is a lot to come yet and the underway is much more amazing and full of intrigue.
Some of the projects in Dubai that have been conceptualized and will be ready in a few years from now are Mall of the world and underwater villas, these projects are a unique concept and will need number factors to be considered before development starts.

Mall of the world: - A climate controlled city within the city of Dubai, a massive development consisting hotels and a shopping Mall that is bigger than Dubai Mall, shops entertainment and healthcare. all the structures will be connected with covered avenues and trams will ply to ferry visitors. The project is expected to draw huge crowds.

The underwater villas named as the Floating Seahorse will be anchored near "Europe" on the world Island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a few minutes boat ride from Dubai's coastline, a total of 42 such Villas will be seen afloat will have one submerged level, the bedroom and bathroom in the submerged level will have an underwater view of the surrounding Coral Reef. The upper deck will be ideal to catch some rays and partying. Well all this will come at a price of AED 5 Million. The project is expected to be completed in 2017 and is going to be a leap for Dubai Real Estate which is so far ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to creating amazing real estate projects. This will be a new dimension in global construction sector and will open up a whole new world of opportunities for developers to think beyond conventional projects. This project when completed will showcase the need of innovation in the construction industry and will cement Dubai's name as a premium tourism destination.